Engaging mass media communiques aid recall

As a part of their 'Women & Heart' initiative, Wockhardt hospitals had through media campaigns exhorted people to turn February 6 into a 'Wear Red' day; a day dedicated to creating awareness about heart disease in women.

I scanned my classroom yesterday to see if I could spot red. Sure enough, two of my students had red in their attire. When quizzed, they told me the red was incidental. On being asked if they were aware of the 'Wear Red' day and if they cared about it, both replied in the affirmative. Its just that they had forgotten all about it.

Brings me to my point. For a campaign to move the consumer to a state of unaided recall, it must engage them in manner where they initiate a 'move' from their side. I mean, they participate. Mass media if used in a manner where the communique remains a one-way street activity, with no opportunities of consumer engagement, in all probability the consumer would forget, to the extent he wouldn't recall the brand when it matters. Most low-involvements products get away with it, despite the fact that their communiques are one-way streets, because, at the store the product on the shelf turns into the aider of recall. Not so for someone like Wockhardt. Who aids the consumer to remember that February 6 is supposed to be a 'Wear Red' day? None.

That's why in my class, red was just incidental. Though it surely was, I must say, beautiful!


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