The mark of 'care' is sacrifice

In services, consumer loyalty can only be the result of an overwhelming (in a good way, of course) experience. Consumers are most often 'touched' when they see the service provider try and provide for something outside of what's deemed 'normal'. Consumers are 'overwhelmed' if they see a service provider 'sacrifice' his own comfort, go out of the way, to help. Most often than not, if it were to happen, an ensuing loyalty to the service provider is a guarantee.

The greatest mark of caring is sacrifice. The greatest exhibition of love is sacrifice.

Note what Eli Bernstein has to say about a man who he once thought was a 'stupid stooge who was undeserving of power';

'In the Middle East and throughout the world, freedom is on the march.” His ally John Howard backed this view up when he stated that “these things wouldn’t have been thought remotely possible a year ago and I have no doubt that … one of the reasons … was the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.” Even old foes like Walid Jumblatt, the leftist Lebanese Druze leader, shared the view: I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, eight million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world. The Berlin Wall has fallen.

The Berlin Wall has fallen once again while your news reporters were looking the other way, counting body bags in Iraq and actively embroiling themselves in partisan politics. And so I bid farewell to the man who sacrificed his legacy to protect America’s greatest asset, freedom and democracy. Ironically, he had become the defender of the asset I had once accused him of robbing.'


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