Twittering nonsense

'I admit, I tried to be Twitter hip. I even wrote a blog about how Twitter could be a useful political tool under the notion that hearing voters twitter a debate could provide unique, real-time insights into their behavior and thinking.

But I’m giving it up. I know I’ll get roasted for being anti-tech. But, what I really am is pro meaningful communication. And somewhere along the Internet highway we fell under the spell that more communication is better communication. Sometimes more communication is just noise.

Which links up to the idea that more friends means better and more meaningful relationships. I’ve come to believe the opposite is true. I hear of people bragging about breaking the 1,000 friend mark in Facebook. I challenge them to name 100 of those friends.

Because of a good deal of luck, I have a job and live a life that creates opportunities for intersections with a lot of people. But, I realized the more I tried to maintain links to the ever expanding universe of acquaintances in my orbit through the ever increasing number of tools to connect with them, the less I was spending real quality time on the people who really matter to me.'

- Mark McKinnon, 'Twitter Jumped the Shark This Week'.


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