Indian Election Expenses

  • Overall estimated expense on election 2009: Rs 10,000-16,000 crore. Doesn't include non-cash "gifts", about 25% is cash bribes.
  • In a constituency with 4 candidates: Rs 1 crore approximate authorised expenditure. Rs 5-16 crore actual expenditure.
  • Cash bribes from candidates spent on liquor, repaying loans, daily expenses and other essentials that cannot wait—usually unproductive expenditure.
  • The average cash handout is expected to rise, according to a CMS survey, from Rs 100 per person in election 2004, to Rs 500 this year.
  • Election expenses likely to be about 0.2% of the GDP in 2009; not significant by itself, except that the entire sum is spent over just one month.

Source: Outlookindia


Nagarajan L V said…
We should all be concerned at the magnitude of election expenses for legal and illegal purposes from legal and illegal sources. If a candidate spends in several crores for getting elected, should we not expect him to earn many times more than this amount by illegal means after he is elected?
Even if this level of expenditure is accepted, why not we ask them to reveal their sources, both individuals and political parties.
Instead of candidates paying the voters for their votes, the voters should pay towards an 'election fund'floated by their prefered candidate.
Please see my blog-spot
for a proposed budget for meeting election expenses by an 'honest' candidate. You may enhance it with your input and give the same higher circulation among serious political thinkers.
Thanks and regards

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