Li'l acts, Large ramifications

Grudgingly I gotta admit, the crass shoe-throwing act has hit home, big time. Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar's political careers are all but over, though I know there is nothing called 'permanent' in politics. The Congress party on its part has been smart to bow to popular sentiment and act quickly.

the shoe-throwing episode demonstrates how the Davids of the world can bring the Goliaths they face down to submission. Though the shoe incident was played out in the political sphere, it can happen almost anywhere. In the business world too, behemoth brands got to be wary of the Davids that cross their path. It may just be a disgruntled customer who could turn the nemesis. If he were to take the treatment meted out to him, public, the brand risks a mass movement that could turn nasty.

Its the li'l incidents that take gargantuan proportions. Quelling it at that scale would be next to impossible. Its better to be cognizant of the li'l things and act, than wait and pay, big time.


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