Most Important Book of the Year

'In light of events, Liberty and Tyranny proves timely. Its narrator urges a return to basics. Republicans must learn to speak the language of conservatism and offer the public a true choice at the ballot box. Watered-down statism — such as the kind hawked by Senator John McCain last fall — is a recipe for permanent Republican oblivion and will allow our country to devolve into an East Germany of the mind.

Levin urges fidelity to the Constitution, devotion to federalism, and the adoption of a hard, rather than conciliatory, line with environmentalists and radicals of every stripe. His positions should be taken seriously by everyone associated with the Grand Old Party. Republican Chairman Michael Steele has already endorsed the book, and hopefully more rightist officials will discover its merits in the future.

Put simply, Liberty and Tyranny invigorates. It provides ammunition and clarity for those who oppose President Obama and socialism in all its deceptive forms. Unfortunately, the first step in using the book as a catalyst is successfully securing a copy, and that is a bit of a challenge at the moment.'


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