Brands must change as masses change

When I was younger and the only channel on TV was Doordarshan, Prannoy Roy and his show the 'World this Week' seemed manna from heaven.

Listening to him now, on NDTV is torture. I mean, his long drawn drawls are no longer a treat to listen to. The change in me can be blamed on my having listened to anchors across various news channels, both Indian and American. One of my favourite anchors now is Sean Hannity on Fox News. He's crisp, insightful and conservative. And speaks quick. If Sean's on one end of a continuum, Prannoy's at the other.

Brands once operated in the kind of isolation that presented Prannoy as the best thing on TV. Today the landscape pockmarked with various players that consumers can choose from. It makes sense therefore for brands to change and adapt to what's acceptable to the 'changed' masses. Else, they would present the kind of exasperation I have to endure everytime I tune into NDTV. Which is often (you see, its a choice between the devil and the deep sea), but not as often as before.


Unknown said…
The World This Week was a joy. It was the only outlet to world news. I think the quality was good too. But when there are a lot of competitors now and hence the offering needs to be better. Same happened to News, ads, etc.

At this stage its very difficult to wean audience from customized private players.

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