The communication story in Berlusconisation

Silivio Berlusconi is the master at communication. His two 'critical acts' have ensured the Berlusconisation of Italy. One, he's engaged in 'incidents' that have captured the public's imagination. Like his performance post the earthquake at L'Aquila. Overnight he turned darling of the masses.

Two, his control of Italian media. Berlusconi and his family control half the television output, one of four national newspapers, one of two news magazines and the biggest publishing house.

This is the best example anywhere, of engineering marketing communication. Owning media vehicles ensures the 'right' kind of communiques in the garb of appearing neutral, reach the voter. Plus making sure that he's in the news for issues that are impactful adds to the 'image'. Remember, voters don't remember everything (read, public memory is short). But they do tend to remember stories that have a 'human face' to it. Berlusconi ensures its his face entwined with that human face.

Works for him. Italy's Berlusconised.


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