Why the system and the brand must matter

The count will soon begin, in India.

Its interesting to note that as much as there were places where the voting turnout was low, there were others where the turnout was quite high. Where it was the low, it can be construed that the voter believed his life would go on, despite the system. It wouldn't matter who won. Where the voter came out and voted, the thought was the system could make a difference to his life.

Marketers on their part must make consumers believe that brands can make a difference to their lives. Apathy towards brands turn consumers switchers. Take retail shopping for example. The difference between the believing consumer and the apathetic one is, the former goes into the store with a list that has brand names put down on it, the latter goes in with no brands on the list, only products. The former tries to find a shelf that houses the brand he's looking for, the latter scans to shelf to locate the brand that's got the better offer.

Remember, for the politician and for the marketer, it pays to get the voter and the consumer to believe the system and the brand matter. To their lives.


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