Everyone's not DiCaprio

I know this for sure. Every time the Government decides what's to be made and in what quantity, the consumer's going to get a raw deal. In India, years ago that raw deal was called a Bajaj Chetak scooter or an Ambassador car. Lousy to say the least, the damn things were only affordable to a few. And even if you could afford the 'running disasters' you still, had to wait months to get a hand on one. All that changed when the Indian government decided that private citizens must be allowed to make whatever it is they wanted to. And if the consumer decided not to buy whatever was made, that was the private citizens' problem. If they did buy, the money was theirs.

In the US, it almost seems as if its going back to the days that we Indians endured two decades ago. The reason for doing that? Its the environment, they say.

Note Stephen Green quoting the anonymous "Mechanic"; 'If you think I’m exaggerating, think again. The anonymous “Mechanic,” writing for Edmunds, worries that the new CAFE standards won’t save much fuel and won’t save the planet, but they will crush the life out of the car business. From here on out, cars are going to shrink in size, shrivel in power and grow more expensive.

With a goal of a corporate fleet average of 39 mpg for cars by 2016 model year it’s not just V8s that are dead, but V6s and decent-size fours. Of course all the SUVs and the Camaro, Mustang and Corvette as we know them are doomed, that’s obvious, but so are reasonably size minivans, midsize sedans like the Accord and Camry, and anything fun.'

The likes of DiCaprio may wanna ride the hybrid. But there are many out there who wanna ride something that's 'bigger than a penalty box, or more powerful than a moped'. And they are being denied the ride, because the government wants to supposedly save the planet. The government is the last one I would trust if I wanted to save the planet. We all know who they truly wanna save.

It ain't the planet, stupid!


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