Who's objective, who biased?

Liberals think that Kris Allen is American Idol because the mass voted away from Adam Lambert and his sexuality, which they were not comfortable with. This despite the fact that they think Adam's a better singer. I must add that Clay Aiken doesn't think so. The liberals even think its the Christian vote that did Adam in.

One things for sure. The mass voted Kris. Its obvious, isn't it? That's why he won. Note that the margin of victory was supposed to have been pretty big. The mass voted Kris because they judged Kris as the better one. As to what parameters they used is up to them. Of course, its about the music. But then again, who says the liberals are the musically inclined ones and so are better at judging? In fact biases that creep into any one's judgement can creep into liberals too.

Consumers make judgements based on all the stimuli they are exposed to. Surely a few among those stimuli may have a greater impact. Like when it comes to judging a singer what one hears is bound to be subject to judgements. Again, what one sees surely will also form part of that judgement, albeit to a lesser extent. For you see, our sense of sight provokes judgments based on what we see. Add to that the rest of senses too, as and when they are called into action.

Conservative or liberal, judgements are based on stimuli that our senses react to. Maybe the Christian in America liked what he saw in Kris. But then that applies to the heathen too. Their 'different' sense of the world takes better to someone like Adam. That's perfectly all right with me. Its just that, it gets my goat when the liberal blames conservatives for biases. Its time they took a good look at themselves.

Yeah, its about time.


Unknown said…
Kris has won the battle. Congratulations.court reporter

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