Why I am confused and that's bad

I stand even more confused. With the launch of the Ritz its become even more harder for me to know how's it any different from the A-Star or the i10. Again, its the same when I think of the Getz and the i20. Damn, all of them look and seem like they're the other.

Wanna call me an ignoramus? Sure, be my guest, but call me a consumer too. And that's when I start to be a problem to you. For you see, if I don't see a difference, then all of them must turn candidates of probable purchase, should I consider it. That doesn't bode well for any of them. And again, remember when I engage in that purchase, I am going to drive a hard bargain, pitching one against the other, demanding for better payoffs to me (read, discounts, offers).

How can that be good for any brand?

Differentiating on enduring characteristics is a must for a brand. Helps it stand out of the pack. Its like Indian politics. The Congress Party differentiated itself as the non-communal, inclusive, pro-poor, good-governance, young blood party. And that stood out. Especially with the BJP around. Worked for them. The last I heard they were on the way to a government formation. Of course, despite the DMKs of the world.


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