From the vast business mind of President Obama

'The President is lying thorugh his teeth. And because he has a nice smile and a charming manner…we overlook this? We give him a pass? Has Bush Derangement Syndrome gripped the American populace into some sort of mass hypnotic psychosis?

But the GM CEO took to the cameras today and reassured that the restructuring plan will work. It will be hard. It will require ‘sacrifices’. . But it will be dedicated to making smaller cars. It will innovate ‘green’ technology to make better-mileage, more environment-friendly cars. It will make cars that provide high wages and provide comprehensive health and retirement benefits to union employees. It will make cars that the President has told us we need to be making to help save the planet.

You know…cars that people don’t want to buy.

But if you don’t want to buy the cars they’re making, the government is going to Change your mind. You see…you need to get your mind right. You need to be convinced that it’s in your best interest to let the government make the important decisions for you. Decisions like deciding which sort of car to drive. What sort of light bulb you use. What extent you must go to by recycling and, hence, save Planet Earth. What sort of health care they think you should have. What food you can buy. Where you can travel. What school you’re allowed to attend. What sort of profession you may ‘choose’ for yourself.

Oh, I’m sorry. I apologize again. I was thinking of Communist China. '

- Gray Graham, 'From the Vast Business Mind of President Obama'.


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