Is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose?

Alphy's always inclined to pick the Smith & Jones Ginger-Garlic paste over Dabur Hommade. And its got nothing to do with the paste and everything to do with the name.

Smith & Jones works for her. Neither Dabur nor the Hommade name is strong enough an allure. Having lived most of her life in Dubai, she's grown up with Western brands. And so Smith & Jones rings a familiar bell. It fits into her world. She was pretty disappointed to note that Smith & Jones is made by an Indian company called Capital Foods. And she got to know that because I told her. I couldn't conceal the grin that followed. On my face.

Consumers look to brands that are in tune with the world that they know. Brands that fit in. If one's lived an anglicized life, if I can call it that, one seeks anglicized brands. Local ones won't do. So if you want the Alphy-kinda consumers, you better get the name right. Of course, the visible identity too.


Unknown said…
Broken illusion sir. Same goes with your Turtle example in class. Did the choice change after the disclosure?
Rahul said…
Hello Sir,

you are right. I guess when you get to know that Reid & Taylor and Belmonte are made by S. Kumars Nationwide Limited, it takes the charm away...:)
Ray Titus said…

I still buy Turtle...Alphy stays with Smith & Jones. :)


Yeah...its just not the same anymore... :)

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