Moisturising creams & Narcissists

Last evening I go to pay my Electricity and Telephone charges at a store that's an authorised collection center. After I pay, I am presented with a 'free' jar of Nivea Visage moisturising cream. I am surprised. I ask why? And they tell me its because I paid both my bills together and this is reward for that. I am still surprised. A skin cream as a reward?

I go home. I tell Alphy a sudden rush of affection for her had me buying a jar of moisturising cream that I thought she would enjoy. Far from being impressed she's quizzical. She asks me to out with the truth. I tell her. She asks me to check the expiry date on the cream.

The damn thing's manufacture date shows the year 2007 and there's a another few months before expiry. The little sense of marketing wonder that I had for Nivea collapses like a punctured balloon. Its one thing to get a consumer to try a brand by giving it free. Its another to pack off a product that's about expire. The former elicits trial and probable further purchase. The latter results in the brand in a dustbin and a wariness towards it in the future. After all, didn't it try and pan off its trial in a sneaky manner?

I don't think Alphy's going anywhere close to the damn cream. I don't blame her. Tho' I am willing to give it a dab. My first time. My belief is its more experimental than anything else. Or am I just making it convenient for the vain me, who thinks maybe my skin's going to glow? Narcissism, eh?


Unknown said…
I am not sure if this is an act from Nivea's side. I think the storekeeper is giving it.

Either ways it rustled things up. But most of the times customers are too happy to check and return. Loved the way you put it.

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