The more I can't have, the more I want

Amidst the consumption gloom, the weekend launch of Palm Pre should brighten things up. Both for Palm and Sprint Nextel, its exclusive provider. The Palm Pre's been attracting a lot of attention since its its debut at the Consumer Electronics show in January. Analysts are now warning of Palm Pre shortages post launch.

The Palm Pre may not be the iPhone and so may not witness the kind of frenzy the Apple phone generated. Yet, it surely is good enough, with its touchscreen control, a slide-out keyboard and an operating system designed for trendy Web services such as social networks, to pull the crowd in. Plus the fact that a stock out's expected, will only add to the lure.

One of the best things to happen to a newly launched brand is stock outs, engineered at times, especially if it piles on the 'pull'. After all, if something runs out, maybe its because everyone's after it. The desire to possess can thus be strenghthened. But it also must be seen that sufficient stocks make way to shelves, so waiting consumers can buy. Push the wait a tad too much, and you may come to rue the brand's unavailability, as by then, consumers walk off, disgusted.

The 'enhanced' desirability reminds of me of the 'girl scenario' that I see play out so many times. The more she can't be charmed, the greater the lure. The more the boy tries. It makes lovesick loonies out of many.

Funny. To me. :)


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