What agendas to suspend for Marketing success

Great organisations have cohesive and competent teams within that ride together to take it to success. Teams within a firm not just need to operate cohesively as individual units, but also need to perfect cross-functional unity. And that's a possibility only if members within teams suspend personal agendas to keep the team agenda as priority. Similarly, at a macro level, teams need to suspend their own agendas to give the organisational objective utmost priority. Once the organisation succeeds, teams get rewarded, and so do members within.

I have seen firms trip, because teams refuse to forsake their agendas for the firms'. I've seen teams go down as members refuse to put the team ahead of their own personal desires. I've sat at team meetings where I watch in horror members present initiatives that further their own selves in the guise of furthering the team's fortunes.

Marketing success too is a result of teams working together with just one agenda in mind. That of the consumer's. Any marketing chain could consist of Manufacturers, Channel partners, Retailers, Advertising agencies, Market research firms and so on. If a product needs work as a solution for the customer, every entity in the chain must suspend their personal agendas to give the customer agenda its primary due. For example, a channel partner mustn't push for unreasonable margins, because that means higher prices to customers that may then make the product impotent against competition. Channel players together must cull out any entity in the chain that isn't focused on the customer. Letting them be, can spell doom for the product in question.

Just like, if you were to know someone on a team's furthering his own self, ease him out. Else the team's going down. If a Marketing chain entity doesn't have the customer as the focal point, I bet, the outcome to that chain (read product or service) would be rejected. By the customer.


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