Why I am commited to being irked

When Joe Sugarman taught the business world about 'consistency' being a great trigger in enhancing sales, he also helped me understand why when something irks me, in all probability I would take it further and be irked by issues that I wouldn't otherwise even bother about. I mean, if my psychological state of mind takes a commitment towards being irked, I would be hassled by almost everything. The 'bother' was started by something trivial at home. Soon it spread to the way I reacted to subsequent engagements. It was infectious. In normal times, such issues wouldn't have bothered me a bit.

Now, why is this important, especially in the present times? Simply because the recession has seen consumers not making too many purchase commitments. Therefore it becomes imperative that if they do, the marketer must capitalise on that mood of commitment and upsell as much as possible. Remember, it isn't easy to come by someone who wants to buy a lifestyle brand. But should he make that commitment inside you store, respond swiftly and ply related category brands and see if you can make an enhanced sale.

Let me illustrate. Titan's a brand that's been hit by the consumer's refusal to spend on something like wrist watches. But lets assume their store gets a customer who's interested in buying a timepiece. Try and sell him shades too. His consistency towards engaging in a purchase, though primarily tuned towards the watch can now be used to sell him an eyepiece. He would surely exhibit a consistent behaviour, ie., consideration of a purchase, because the commitment's already there.

Its the only way to keep your toplines afloat.


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