Consumers construct the Contrived & Real

Nothing could be devastating than to read about a child being killed in an accident on a Bangalore road. And nothing could hit home as bad as the mind contriving the tragic sequence in your head as you read the report in a newspaper. More so when you are a father to a child, yourself.

Bangalore roads like all Indian roads are killers and its only god's grace that keeps people alive on such roads. The kind of accident you read about everyday in India only makes you more cautious about any sort of travel. Though the event's a tragic one, it also demonstrates how our minds react. And those reactions have implications on us as consumers.

For a brand to craft its first purchase, it must be able to manage its communiques in a manner where the consumer mind forms a pleasurable sequence to experiencing it. In reality though, there's not yet been a real experience as there's been no purchase. Yet if the brand can get the consumer to live it in his mind even before its purchase, in all probability he would consider buying it. For such a consideration, brands got to create an experience for most, if not all of the consumer's senses. That is, a commercial could get the the consumer to see and hear the brand (for example, a newly launched brand of automobile) in action. A display could get the consumer to touch and feel the brand. Maybe even smell the leather interiors. And so on. Soon the consumer will construct a sequence of him driving the car in his mind. And if that contrived experience is pleasurable, the consumer may consider its purchase.

The 'mind experiences' don't just provoke the first buy. They act afterwards too. That is, should I buy the car and drive, and feel it the way I contrived it, my mind would record that 'pleasurable' reality and play it over again, even when I am not driving. So much so, I would then look forward to driving the car as much as possible. A similar such scene can play out with an eatery. If I have had an excellent dining experience at a restaurant, the next time I consider eating out, my previous dining experience is played over again. And then maybe I go back to the same dining place.

Our minds have the ability to construct both the contrived and the real. For the marketer, if the former, that is, the contrived experience with its brand's a good one, there's a consideration for purchase. If the latter, the real experience, is again a great one, a repurchase is guaranteed.


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