The cure to Consumer forgetfulness

The problem that Low Involvement category brands face is one of consumer forgetfulness. Frequent advertising or any other repeated communique campaigns may help the brand get into a consumer's long term memory, but that takes a long time. The fact is, consumers forget. The reason's simple. The brand either stays fleetingly in the consumer's sensory store and is then lost, or moves into the short term store and is then forgotten.

This morning I was trying to remember the name of the movie I saw last night so I could search for its soundtrack. In the future, I may even buy the CD with songs from the movie. My only problem; I can't remember the name of the movie.

The saviour to such forgetfulness for the brand is retail presence and great merchandising. The CD should be in the store I visit, and displayed in manner where I spot it. Then maybe I'll buy. No presence in the store, no smart merchandising, the brand loses out on a sale. The long and short? If you are a low involvement category brand, ensure you are in a store, merchandised, so you are visible.

Ensures that sale.


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