Draught beer @ Home

Three out of every ten beer drinkers prefer draught over canned beer. But the problem draught beer faces is one of immediate consumption but no future consumption. That's because you can't take the keg home.

MillerCoors LLC is trying to solve that problem by testing the sale of a $20 draft-beer systems for consumers to drink at home. The company has begun testing the 1.5-gallon "Home Draft", a boxed product, which is designed to fit into refrigerators for drinkers to consume periodically, rather than for one-time party use.

This innovation in packaging is aimed at upping sagging beer consumption. MillerCoors's new Home Draft systems are meant to be placed upright in a refrigerator, which will keep the beer fresh for about 30 days. The price per ounce is roughly 15% higher than for an 18-pack of the same beer.


Unknown said…
you could have just posted a link to the wsj article.

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