If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

I always have (that means, it gets repeated too often) this interesting discussion at work where abstract thinking is pitted against structured ones. The Qualitative spars with the Quantitative. Such discussions are fascinating to watch and to be in. Parties stick to their guns and even take offense when its suggested that a certain method of thinking or approach isn't relevant in the real world. I mean if its insinuated that the world ain't numbers, the quantitative folks see red. Ditto for the ones who live abstract, if the charge 's reversed.

The only way to get across to one party with a differing view is if the differing view is presented in a manner that isn't threatening. Threatening to what's held as gospel by the other party. Demonstrating respect for an already held belief is the genesis to putting a counter view across and getting it to be heard. Any other start ensures parties proceed to and remain at loggerheads.

Brands too face such scenarios. The consumer holds dear, bodies of belief. Brands that connect are ones that ingratiate themselves into that body of belief. If the brand were to exhibit anything that conflicts with the already held belief system, in all probability the consumer will summarily reject it, refusing to buy into whatever 's being offered. For example, The Indian belief fabric has rituals woven into it. Rituals that are a way of life. Brands that ease into these rituals are the ones consumers select. A lifestyle jewellery brand that doubles up as a Rakhi has immense potential during the Rakshabandhan season.

Its hard for people and for consumers to abandon their bodies of belief. Its this belief system that bestows on them a sense of identity and security. Challenging such an established system is a foolhardy exercise. To make a point or to sell a brand, its required that respect is demonstrated towards the existing belief system. Furthermore, to get your point to hit home or for the brand to make a sale, they must become part of the system, in a manner that's subtle and non-threatening.

As they say, If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


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