Welcome, Class of 2009-11

The best thing about what I do, is getting to engage with the freshest and the brightest of minds. Its mind boggling to see diversity in the 'drives' that I witness, day in n' day out.

Welcome, Class of 2009-11, at Alliance. Its just brilliant to have you here.


Hello Sir,

Sure, I am commenting after a long time, but doesn't mean that I stopped visiting this webpage of a marketer who I simply admire.

We all, the faculty and Alumni of Alliance welcomes the new class of 2009-11. But, I do have serious doubts on they being the brightest of minds. Sure, you can train them to be one after 2 years or during the process of 2 years, but there were other batches who were smarter than the "crowd" coming in.

I know, macro issues involved here which need not be raised on a public forum. But, even you know that I am a little right.

Anyways, Sir do keep blogging ..It is always a learning to go through your posts.

Deeptaman Mukherjee.
ABS - Marketing, 2007-09

The last line indicating the year was actually not needed .. Ain't it Sir ? :)

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