Bailouts for unreliable brands?

Consumers assess Quality on two generic parameters. Reliability and Attributes. The higher the two of these are, the greater the quality. But what needs to be noted is that on the former parameter, brands don't have a choice. I mean reliability levels can only be high. If they were to fall, it wouldn't matter that the product's got a lot of features, it would still be perceived as poor quality. On the second parameter, namely attributes, brands depending on who their target segments are, can either keep it low or pack themselves with features. If the Mass consumer is the target, attributes have to be kept low, so costs can be kept low, so prices can be rock bottom. Its the mass low-cost model. Remember, on reliabilty, there ain't a choice, even if its the Mass consumer on your radar.

Imagine if a brand were low on attributes and low on reliabilty. Only a miracle can keep such a brand in business. Or socialism, the way Obama's keeping Government Motors in the running. Or the way Hindustan Motors is kept alive in India.

The latest brand that nosedives when you consider both reliability and attributes is Air India. The irony? Its still seeking government funds to keep itself alive. Alive so it can operate with low levels of reliability (its just been a day since the nightmare passengers had to go through on an Air India flight to Saudi Arabia), and low levels of attributes (people who have travelled on the airline know how lousy their service is).

Air India is in deep trouble. It operates with neither reliability nor attributes. You gotta always say a prayer before you fly it, and also keep the prayer going so you can have the baggage arrive with you, encounter a sweet airhostess on board...

Tell you what, this is one case where even prayers fail.


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