Books for me, Movies for the kid

I ain't a Movie buff. Most movies, I believe, are a monumental waste of time. Yet I line up to buy tickets for a show tomorrow. Alphy's the reason. Plus I don't mind.

Queuing up at the theatre to book for the show tomorrow has me stand behind a kid who buys four tickets for a show in the evening today. I hear the counter man ask him to pay nine hundred bucks for four tickets. I am aghast. That much for stuff that's worthless? I buy my tickets for tomorrow, They cost me a hundred and eighty bucks for two. I think that's all right. Right after my purchase I proceed to a bookstore that's having a sale and buy books for twice the amount the kids' paid for movies.

Tell you what, If I were to ask the kid about his judgement of my purchase, I guess, he'd be aghast. That much money for books? In fact, at home, there's so much books, Alphy's going crazy.

The lesson in all of this? Value perceptions vary depending on who's buying. Smart marketers build both movie halls and bookstores. The former lures the kid successfully, the latter, me.


Unknown said…
Well explained sir. Value perceptions change the way things are looked at. Also tells what kind of a person you are and how to reach out to you. Next time there is a good book I need to market I know whom to find. And I know what kind of money to target in your purse.

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