Pray, what's Indian?

'Those who are getting worked up - due to nationalistic reasons – at Giancarlo’s “betrayal” would do well to find more about Force India. Apart from the money, there’s little that’s Indian in the team. Of the 28 key team personnel listed on their website, only one is from India – Mallya. Mercedes Benz supplies the engine, McLaren the gearbox. The drivers are European.Force India is the only team on the Formula One circuit that uses a country’s name.'

I guess Rohit Mahajan's helped us not make a mistake in turning 'patriotic' when it comes to 'Force India'. The politics of business part, I wonder what should have us patriotic? The knowledge that something's purely Indian? And pray, what's that? What's without influences from the outside?

I wish Rohit knew that nothing's for real. Its perceptions that rule. Perceptions that dictate judgements. Vijay Mallya's the smart businessman. But why single him out? Business at the end of the day is about top and bottomlines. And to get that in shape its smart to build the right perceptions about a brand. Never mind if it requires a certain name, a certain colour, a certain personality and so on.

Also note, when it comes to consumers, they are ruthless in their decison making. Yes, Consumer ethnocentrism exists, but is abandoned as and when it suits them. The iconic Indian Coffee House I guess, is Indian. Just that a few months ago it almost downed its shutters. Contrast that with the imported Cafe concept that allows for consumers to lounge on leather sofas sipping at piping hot Cappuccinos. By the way, did you know the Cappuccino is European/Italian in origin?

And the last I heard, the Indian version of Starbucks, Cafe' Coffee Day was growing in strength by the day, even going international.


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