The ugly truth about 'The Ugly Truth'

To take the movie story to conclusion, I have to report that the one we saw reinforces what I stated. That most movies are a monumental waste of time.

The ugly truth about 'The Ugly Truth' is that its one of the crassest movies I've seen. Yet I hear, its been a top grosser around the world. The response of most of the audience in the theater tells me why. They even applauded towards the end. I lost my appetite. It was lunch time when the movie got over.

The 'Ugly Truth' is perfect for younger audiences. Filled with profanities and anatomy descriptions, the movie teaches us a lesson about what connects with college going youth. I know I am guilty of generalisation. Despite the fact that most college going airheads voted Obama, I guess conservatism isn't dead in colleges. Anyway, the lesson of the movie is, if the youth is the audience, dumbing down the subject is a good idea. Throw in a slew of profanities and slap stick humour of the worst kind, and you have a winner.

Hey, It even gets you the applause.


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