Weak glues a must at discount sales

I was back at the Landmark book sale. Bought a lot of books, again. One thing that's a constant at these discount sales is the big square labels stuck on all book covers, screaming what the original price, new price and saving is. Making these labels big and bold 's a good idea. It screams the bargain the consumer's getting, big time.

But what's bothersome is the fact that these labels don't come off easily. In fact pull 'em off, and you take the book jacket along. I don't know how many customers like to have these labels on, when they sport the books on their home shelves.

Bet not many. How many times would one want to tell the world they got something on sale?

To the Landmark people, I recommend a weak glue. Good enough for the label to stay on the cover while at the shop table, and weak enough to peel off, when the buyer wants to ease it off the cover.


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