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Why I love Stupid Sarah

'Sarah Palin simply does not understand. No nuance. She did not go to Harvard, nor is she a board member of Princeton University's Center for Human Values, where Zeke provides support for philosopher Peter Singer. Singer is best known for the view that fetuses and many disabled have less of a right to live than, say, fully functioning humans and "adult gorillas and chimpanzees." No, Zeke believes that those who know better, who understand morality, should make decisions for those less able to do so...

So when Sarah Palin says she doesn't want her "baby with Down Syndrome" to stand in front of his medical panels... that shows just how unsophisticated her thinking really is. She has already made the anti-social choice of giving birth to a child with a severe disability, who will never be able to live the "complete life" outlined by Zeke on behalf of the government.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of a health care system that operates in the public good to deny Trig -- or grandma, for that matter -- health services that are better used elsewhere. Sarah Palin, not the government, is to blame. She chose to have Trig. She forced a situation that provides her with, as Zeke puts it, "bleak choices."

And so government, for the sake of the common good, may deny Trig medical care. And may do the same with the elderly, the severely disabled, and others who fall low on the "complete life" value scale. It is the best way, the moral way, the smart way. And Zeke knows smart -- he went to Harvard, you know.' (Sarah Palin vs. Dr. Death)

Thw unsophisticated Sarah Palin is the torch bearer to Mass consumer brands. Its her lack of sophistication, sans a Havard degree that gets her to connect with the masses. If there were a dgeree, her sophisticated babble would have been given a go by, by the masses. Guess why? 'Cos they are too stupid to understand.

The equivalent of Sarah Palin in the business world is Wal Mart. No lofty vision or mission statements, no Havardian philosophies. The message to the mass is almost stupidly simple. 'Every Day Low Prices'. Simple, direct and profoundly meaningful. Now how many Business School grads. can conjure up such a philosophy?

The most profoundest of wisdom is the simplest. Rejected by the elite. Adored by the masses. Consider the Christian philosophy. Believe in the redeeming power of the Cross of Calvary and thou shalt live. How stupidly simple. Believe. That's it? Shouldn't it be a bit more sophisticated?

Brands that want to make it in the Mass consumer world must shed their sophisticated intentions and embrace the stupidly simple. This may not be easy if you sport a Havard Degree. Sarah Palin sans her degree with her 'Death Panel' comment triggered events that brought the great Obama Adminstration to its knees. Note, as Obama's ratings plummet, his elite sophistication that mesmerised the urban audience in America is beginning to crack. The American masses are on their way back to understanding what's truly profound.

That our ways of life are decided by us. Not Obama. Not the Government.

Three cheers to that. Three Cheers to Sarah.


Greg said…
I don't see where the Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Oxford elite have done the country much good. It's time for people like Sarah Palin, who actually believe in something, who knows that you don't get out of debt by spending more, and that we don't have to keep apologizing for being Americans. Yes, I too, love stupid Sarah. Hopefully, enough people will feel the same way in 2012, and we can kick 0bama and his cohorts to the curb
Asha said…
Not all Stupids appeal like Sarah Palin. I think its not about the Harvard, Its about people who are not Harvard Grads, yet feel good, versus ones who need Harvard Brand as their means to establish credibility, to feel secure.

Marketing parallel, some brands feel the need for a sophistication to establish credibility hence loose out to the masses, yet others have accepted themselves the way they are in all simplicity, don’t feel insecure that they lack a Harvard degree, hence make sense.

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