Bonoising America

'Many have spoken about the need for a rebranding of America. Rebrand, restart, reboot. In my view these 36 words, alongside the administration’s approach to fighting nuclear proliferation and climate change, improving relations in the Middle East and, by the way, creating jobs and providing health care at home, are rebranding in action.'

Sure Bono, also, why not state the fact that Obama didn't meet the Dalai Lama, didn't support protesters in Iran and sided with Zelaya? Shouldn't this be added to Obama's brilliant foreign policy initiatives? Initiatives aimed at furthering the Obama brand of Democracy.

Rebranding in action or a hypocrite casting his lot with the devil?

Extreme Climate change? For once Bono, why don't you watch something with a difference? Something other than Gore's lies. I'd recommend 'Not Evil Just Wrong'. Now I could on and on with what a disaster Obama is, but hey, I guess everyone knows by now. Fox tells us that its only 43 percent of Americans who'll cast their lot with Obama, if elections happen now.

Bono's rebranding America advice is akin to asking the iconic Dove soap brand to reposition itself. Bad advice. Dove's doing fine with its 'mild-moisturising' message. Consumers love it for what it is. Ditto for America. 'Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness' is perfect. Minimal Government works like a charm. Also, that Obama stands firmly against liberty has been established. The urgent requirement for now is to vote the likes of Obama out and go back to what America stands for.

And I can tell you, it ain't Climate change, Big Government & Socialism. As for Bono, he can go back to belting his songs, pocketing his money, paying no taxes, and playing hypocrite.


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