The Nobel Joke

The Norwegian Nobel joke continues. Its Obama for Peace.

The liberal winner cup overflows.

We have seen the likes of Jimmy Carter, a gutless appeaser, Yasser Arafat, a terrorist thug and Al Gore, a lying Green win the same prize in the past. Therefore should we be surprised at the Obama choice?

Obama's nothing but a shrewd player who cares only for himself. Every move of his has been calculated for political capital. At times its even been fraudulent. Note Thomas Sowell writing on Obama's healthcare plan; ' "Hubris-laden charlatans" was the way a recent e-mail from a reader characterized the Obama administration. That phrase seems especially appropriate for the Charlatan-in-Chief, Barack Obama, whose speech to a joint session of Congress was both a masterpiece of rhetoric and a shameless fraud.

To tell us, with a straight face, that he can insure millions more people without adding to the already skyrocketing deficit, is world-class chutzpa and an insult to anyone's intelligence. To do so after an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office has already showed this to be impossible reveals the depths of moral bankruptcy behind the glittering words.'

About Obama's efforts for peace. Not speaking out for the protesters in Iran and siding with the ousted Zelaya in Honduras shows him for who he really is. Obama doesn't care for Democracy. And Democracy is the only way to peace. The way I remember, President Bush did more for democracy than any other leader? And got bashed for it?

What a pity.

In honouring Obama with the Nobel Peace prize, the Norwegians do peace a disservice. As Michael Binyon notes, 'Rarely has an award had such an obvious political and partisan intent. It was clearly seen by the Norwegian Nobel committee as a way of expressing European gratitude for an end to the Bush Administration, approval for the election of America’s first black president and hope that Washington will honour its promise to re-engage with the world.

Instead, the prize risks looking preposterous in its claims, patronising in its intentions and demeaning in its attempt to build up a man who has barely begun his period in office, let alone achieved any tangible outcome for peace.'

I rest my case.


The Grouch said…
Well said. A blatant political and ideological endorsement over more worthy candidates with actual accomplishments.

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