Who's listening to Talk Radio?

'I’m sorry, but I don’t see a sign at the clubhouse, saying “no liberal hosts.” The only sign is from the public, who hates them. It’s called supply and demand. The demand is for a conservative viewpoint – and it’s currently being supplied.

What happens when you supply a product for which there is no demand?

You get Air America. Some might call that a noble experiment, but it was neither noble, or experimental. Instead it functioned like a jar of leftwing preserves– a time capsule of corrupt liberal thinking, circa 1977. And, of course, for NPR to succeed, it needs government assistance. For liberal ideas to survive, you need welfare.

So, in short, CNN is right: talk radio is about access. But they’ve got it backwards. The reason why talk radio is conservative isn’t because radio limits access for the left. It’s conservative, because the rest of the media limits access from the right. Other than Fox News, talk radio is the only place you can hear another point of view.

It’s a shame CNN can’t be happy with that. But like a whiny child who needs all the stuffed animals in the toy store, it won’t rest until there’s no opposition. It wants the Fairness Doctrine, when what it really needs is a spanking.

And if you disagree with me, then you’re probably a racist.'

- Greg Gutfeld, 'CNN Perplexed By Talk Radio'.


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