Why believe in God?

I am currently reading 'Why choose this Book' by Read Montague. Pretty interesting stuff about how we make decisions and the nature of free will. In the first chapter, Read talks about the maverick mathematician Alan Turing and compares his genius to another, Charles Darwin, even calling him Darwin of the twentieth century. He equates Alan Turing to Darwin by stating how both transformed mysteries, one on the diverse adaptations that we see in life, the other on how minds arise from physical interactions.

Now Read, from what I've read talks fascinating stuff. And as per what's seems to be a norm among brilliant minds, Read takes to Darwinism. I wonder why? Why is it that accomplished thinkers never have an iota of doubt about a theory that's been proven weak beyond doubt? In fact, a reading of 'The Case for the Creator' by Lee Strobel should be a cause for some doubt, if not disbelief at Darwin's hypothesis. Yet there's none among the intelligentsia.

I believe the reason's got to do with the psyches of accomplished thinkers. Most, if not all, are a proud lot. Maybe even arrogant. Believing in creation requires you to accept the presence and the doing of a higher being. A being I call God. It means you have to accept the existence of something that's greater than you. And that in turn calls for humility. Most accomplished thinkers can't take humility. Not after their accomplishments. Their belief in their own minds has them putting themselves akin to God. God, who? They ask. And so its easier to believe what Darwin's hypothesised. Absolves them from a responsibility to accept the presence of a greater being. Absolves them from considering humility.

Successful marketers too are susceptible to arrogance. Big mistake. Because its distracting and takes their eyes of who's really in charge. The consumer. Doses of humility are a must for marketers who strive to enhance value to consumers through better products and services. It calls for a recognition that marketers haven't reached the nadir of consumer satisfaction. That something better 's always possible. Again, accepting that businesses exist solely due to consumers is a must. It helps illustrate the industrial act for what its really worth and for whom. Helps tide over arrogance.

The real world or the business one, its humbling to know we aren't in charge. That someone else is. Takes the weight of arrogance off our shoulders. Plus keeps things in the right perspective.

For us mortals.


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