Bangalore Weather & Sales Promos

The Bangalore weather reminds me of Sales promos.

Neither does the weather leave me be fully well (been down with the sniffles for what seems like forever) nor does it strike me down. Promos too are similar. They don't give you anything substantial though they make it seem as if its the deal of a lifetime. Nor do they leave you empty handed. I mean it isn't just the product that you get for your money. There's always something that's close to worthless that comes along.

Its the 'neither here-nor there' syndrome. Better off because of the promo? No. Worse off? No again.

Sick? No. Well? NO!


Radhika said…
If you shift to Ahemdabad, you would have a new found respect for Blore weather.. I miss Bangalore :)

Just to douse your curiousity, I was a student at Alliance (2007-09) batch...!
Ray Titus said…

Yeah, I agree....Outta Bangalore will mean I love this weather :)

Great to hear from you :)
Unknown said…
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