Is it the rolls, or is it me?

Breakfast today needed me to dig into Paneer rolls that Alphy had packed, to take to work. Unwrapping the silver foil and taking the roll out saw a minor disaster unfold. The stuffing spilt out. The li'l mess it created irked me. And I wondered why Alphy couldn't have sealed the roll on any one side which would have prevented the spill.

A moment later something else struck me. Maybe I could have held the damn thing other than in the bazooka style. Maybe that could have prevented the mess that had irked me. Maybe I could have been more careful rather than have expectations of Alphy.

Its instinctual for us the believe the other's the transgressor. Because that protects us from our own frailties. Its helps keep the illusion that we have about ourselves alive. Pity, because such foolish behaviour is what stops us from truly knowing ourselves. And our lives turn into a quest towards finding who's wronged us, rather than searching within.

Now, such attitude is no-no for marketers too. Because it limits the ability to assess a context from other than our point of view. Meaning we can't see the customer's point of view. The only 'view' that should matter. The point of view that helps find answers to consumer behaviour. In fact, if we fail to do so, that is, assume the customer's at fault for what's happened, we perpetuate our inability in finding solutions that could otherwise help find favour with the one who keeps our business alive.

Now, I am in no way suggesting that other's can never be at fault, Of course, they can. But I only hope that comes after some soul searching. In fact, the next time around, before the rolls hit the kitchen table, I will have a talk with Alphy about sealing any one side.

Maybe even participate in its making.

Should be fun.


Aditi Chawla said…
I totally agree with you. Engaging the customer in the making of a product results in a perfect one.
Ray Titus said…

Glad you do :)

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