Is the Shorba thin, or grainy?

'The Dal Shorba, which came first, was refreshing but once I began sipping on it, a bit of the grainy texture typical to pulses hit my palate. I reckon they could have made it a bit thinner for the right consistency'.

Well, that's a food critic writing in DNA newspaper about the soup served at Lobby Cafe in Bangalore. So, should the shorba go thinner?

I think not. Drop it any thinner and you will have idiots fuming as to why they have to pay a bomb for flavoured water. This is classic 'food dilemma'. Should the shorba stay grainy, upsetting the likes of a food critic, or go thinner, risking being labelled gutter water?

The answer is, the critic and idiots can got to the blazes. So can 'purist' authentic food. It ain't about either of them or about authenticity. Its about who your target consumer is and what he wants. If he wants the damn shorba thin, oblige. If he wants it grainy, repeat the former.

Critics are paid to say what they have to (or maybe they aren't). But I can tell you, they haven't the foggiest of idea about how products and services are sold. In the 'real' world, what sells, is what customers want. So figure that out and give it to them. Even if it means doing the 'classic' shorba to death!


Unknown said…
i wish they could have a 'Like' icon on this site!!! therz loads i'd like to click...
Ray Titus said…
Am beaming, Vrinda :)
Unknown said…
ya,i think to became a good critic (film's,food) marketing knowledge is must.

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