'Regulated' Quality ain't 'real' Quality

That the servers crashed on the first day of the CAT shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, Murphy's law has a way of sneaking in. But the fact that there is still a horde of aspirants (note, there's been a drop in CAT registrations this year) looking to get into the IIMs should be of concern. Because it points to an artificial supply side scarcity when it comes to Post Graduate business education in India.

In defence one can say that the 'horde' is a pointer to top quality education services being offered. But tell you what, in a regulated environment, competition-driven quality is hard to come by. The 'quality' available for purchase is thanks to government driven regulation. In fact, the ones that rule the roost do so in manners, unchallenged.

Change that and you will have even better quality to products and services for consumers. That includes Post Graduate business education. And for once there won't be the hordes 'pining' to write an exam, and surely, there won't be a media screeching about server crashes.


Unknown said…
ya, this is perfect example for decrease in quality of product due to government regulation's.
I dont think there is excessive regulation in setting up a private university. Of course, there are various bribes, formalities, AICTE approval etc.

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