Shopping Emotions

'There are a couple of emotions that determine shopping behavior. The fundamental of them are greed, altruism, fear and envy. Greed drives a customer to purchase more than what he or she needs. A wide range of options, better products and lower prices generate that increased desire to purchase. Often, a customer would consider it a good opportunity to buy more than what she needs and to gift others as well. Higher purchase is also driven by the fear that the current offer may not be available for long and so the product has to be purchased right away. And envy sets in when one sees others buying and making the best out of a deal. 'Sabse Sasta Din' was successful because we were able to effectively capitalise on all of these emotions. The prices were great but they were on offer only for a day. Customers noticed everyone else - friends, colleagues, neighbours heading to Big Bazaar and they didn't want the opportunity to pass by. With all these emotions working in complete harmony, the stage was set for a huge response.'

Kishore Biyani, 'It happened in India'.


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