Stoop, for the Bow's back!

I am not surprised servility comes easy to Obama. His pathetic bow, repeated for the umpteenth time is but natural to someone who's a flag bearer to BIG government. After all if you believe in more government, you should also cultivate with it, the skill to bow, umpteen times.

Having lived through what was socialist hell in India, I know the value of a 'bow'. Wanna buy cooking gas so you can have food on the table? Bow to the government babu at the Agency. Wanna get an electricity connection, water running through your taps? You know who to bow to. They sit at the hallowed electricity and water board offices. What about a passport so you can spend your own hard earned money to buy a ticket to fly to another country, that's if you get a visa? Again you know where to go and who to bow to. The list was endless.

Bowing was your ticket to whatever it is you wanted, in the Government Raj.

Obama's knows it, so practices it. Makes a spectacle out of it.

In an economy where products and reach consumers via the government, because its them who've taken on the task of producing it, bows will find their place in the sun. Countries that won't need bows are those that will have private citizens engaged in the act of production and distribution of goods and services. In such places, Buyers will trade with Sellers with deals of their own. Buyers will have the liberty to buy, as much as not to. It will be their choice.

Not so for countries where the likes of Obama preside. Its the bow that will be a citizen's ticket to rationed prosperity. And just so you know what's expected of you and how its done, the President sure shows it best.


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