Who gets the lion's share of dessert?

At work, for a change check this out. When at an informal place like the cafeteria, notice who the servers respond to with a sense of urgency. I mean, who do they bend backwards to serve? There's gotta be some people at your company who command that kind of response. Tell you what, these important Uns may not necessarily command greater power via the organisational hierarchy, yet they manage to call the shots, especially in places like the cafeteria.

Why is that?

The answer lies in what's called perceptual interpretations. That is, the servers at the cafeteria may have no clue about what's on the hierarchical chart. Yet, they know some people are more important than others. They infer that because they see these people hobnobbing with powers that be and overall, their demeanour will seem to exude power. They move about purposefully, adopt commanding mannerisms and so on.

Never mind reality. In corporate life, despite what formal hierarchies dictate, some people tower over others. Its the order of the corporate world. What's interesting is, such orders extend everywhere, even into the world of brands.

Despite the fact that two brands are dead alike, in our minds, one will tower over the other. Or others. Thanks to perceptions. We see the 'higher-up' brands on TV presented in a manner where our minds register them as superior. And so if our consideration set features a few similar brands, our perceptual interpretation will 'up' one above the rest. The resultant effect may be a purchase in its favour.

Its similar such favours at cafeteria line-ups too. Watch carefully and you will see a generous helping of the dessert go to the powerful one. You sadly are left with a meagre spoonful.

Pity, huh?


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