'Courage under Fire' holds; there's proof!

I predicted it.

'But Berlusconi needn't fret. This is only natural considering there are many in Italy who detest him. Despite the scorn heaped by his opponents, the bloody attack and its aftermath of exhibition of 'courage' will only cement Berlusconi's popularity with his supporters. They will see him as a 'courage under fire' kinda hero.'

Now its happened.

Reuters reports on Berlusconi's popularity rise, post attack. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's approval rating has risen back above 50 percent after an attack against him sparked a wave of sympathy even among opposition voters, an opinion poll showed on Sunday.

Brands, note the lesson in the Berlusconi attack story. The 'Courage under Fire' image story.

NB. - There's now a charge that the whole thing was faked. Read the conspiracy theory here.


Unknown said…
ya, now proved.
excellent observation.

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