Wish your customer your competitor

Was out of Bangalore and at a different city last weekend. I thought the trip had many pluses. I experienced a different cultural fare, took in new sights and sounds, and most importantly ways of consumption. I went to a cinema to catch the late local fare. Sadly the movie turned out to be dubbed South Indian kitsch with lots of drama. Needless to say, it was numbskullish. The saviour was the audience. Its fun to be at a run down cinema where's there's lots of hooting. The same can be said for the mites in my seat.

Hours of fidgeting. Brilliant experience.

But the biggest plus was the fact that the trip got me to appreciate Bangalore, more. The next time, there's load-shedding at the most inconvenient of times (which was early this morning) at BTM, where I live, I may not complain as much. After all there are cities in India where electricity is like the Haley's comet.

Brands should, if I may say, at times wish their customers went to their competitors. That's is if they know they are far superior in value-delivery vis-a-vis their competitors. For the customer's experience with the competitor will only make them appreciate you more. Even to the extent they come back to you and stay put, with you. In fact, its best way to seal loyalty.

I should know.

I don't think, at least for now, I wanna live anywhere in India, except Bangalore.


Unknown said…
:) Parking the brains outside and watching the movie :)

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