The common thread's Consumer Value Creation

It isn't easy teaching two courses at the same time. For me, currently, the two are Business Strategy and Internet Marketing. In fact, to slide from a certain business context in the classroom to another isn't easy. Business Strategy is more firm oriented, whereas Internet Marketing is function oriented. Yet what saves the day for me is the fact that despite different perspectives, the connect between the two contexts can be spotted if I try. Of course, that's what I do and so I see it. For example, the Internet as a revolutionary interface has had a big hand in firms altering their strategies. Tesco for example, uses the Internet to provide for an added retail interface to shoppers who want to shop for groceries via the Internet, when they don't have the time to go to an offline store. So Tesco's retail business model is such that the brick and mortar Tesco store 'complements' its click and mortar sibling.

The common thread across business functions is their orientation towards creating value for the consumer. And so it wouldn't matter if you work in, or study one function or the other. The focus always is on optimising on value delivery to consumers.

For me, teaching multiple courses is delightful to the extent that it opens up varied business contexts that I can access, that illustrate the pursuit of consumer value creation. The study and teaching that I engage in thus becomes a fascinating exercise.

Though I must hasten to add, at the end of the day, I am exhausted. Out of breath, but never out of drive.

Amen to that!


NJ Singh said…
Thats what makes you the best sir !! kudos to you..

Just want to add a point to what you have stated here as the common thread to the consumer value creation and how companies have 'IT' as an integral part of their business strategies.

A little of the same was seen at the Auto Expo this year in Maruti Suzuki's stall where along with all the cars and bikes including concept vehicles and hybrids was one very unique and interesting section : "Design your own Maruti" section where customers were allowed to modify and design their own Marutis' taking the inspiration from BMWs and Rolls Royces ofcourse.

Could be a good example for the Consume Value Creation as you rightly stated in your post.
Ray Titus said…
Customisation as an option, is enhanced value for the consumer...I agree...

Also, thank you NJ, for what you said 'bout me. Appreciate it. :)

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