I'd rather write than speak. You?

A temporary hitch in connectivity at home sees me not being able to post, at least from home. At work, work's overwhelming. I could catch a breather now and so am writing.

Writing's such a thoughtful act. Far more than speaking. I need to think better and clearer to write. I can be daft up there and yet talk. Currently I owe an apology to two of my former students. Both wrote in to me sometime back and I haven't replied as yet. Maybe, I can speak to them. But I decide not to. Writing's so much better. And I want to write to them. So, my apologies, Yukti and Vamshi. I hope you read this. I will be writing soon and I want to. Hope you guys are as patient.

Written communiques are used by brands when the elaboration likelihood is greater. Print Ads work when you want to convince the consumer using a rational argument. Like I said, writing is thoughtful, and so should reading be. Speaking isn't, as much. And that's why commercials work when the elaboration likelihood is lower and when consumers aren't at their cognitive best. Speaking is less thoughtful and so is listening. Therefore commercials must limit the content of voice overs so the listener can understand better and easier.

I for one, prefer writing over speaking. Though the latter's easier, the former is what I want at.

Y & V, it would have been easier if we talked. I'd rather write. Hope you'd rather read! Oh, and wait!


Unknown said…
Thank U sir... was wondering if the mail ended up in spam. Yes writing is more creatively indulging and more satisfying than speaking. Waiting for your reply :)

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