Life imitates Art!

Just as I thought Day One was going down quiet, a news conference pops up on screen where a producer plays the exact part that protagonists in his movie play. That of idiots.

Ask me why. Because he almost went berserk during a news conference and asked the media people to shut up. Ask me why. Because they asked him whether his movie was based on the book written by Chetan Bhagat.

As for Vidhu Vinod Chopra's behaviour I must give him credit for playing out the title part of his movie to the hilt. His behaviour goes to reinforce what I've always believed about Bollywood, the nincompoopiest movie industry in the world. I label the producer what the title states, because despite being some hot shot guy at Bollywood, he forgot the simple rules of any engagement,

that its better to shut up and show the world you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt,

that its better to shut up and let controversies die a natural death than to go berserk and set it on fire,

that when you are seen as an established group of biggies, it isn't wise to take on a single person because that would then give rise to a Goliath vs. David perception in the minds of viewers. And you know in a Goliath vs. David battle where the common man's sympathies lie. The Blogosphere tomorrow, and beyond will demonstrate what I am talking about.

The best response for Aamir and gang was to lay low and not go public with their ranting and whining. It makes them all look like you know what. Now the other two actors in the movie, I must add, played dumb to perfection during the press conference. After all they too had to play their parts. That's why it wasn't without reason that the movie was titled what it was.

'Three Idiots'!

I say, add more numbers to that!


Good one :) May be the producers didn't want to share the profits with Chetan Bhagat!
Unknown said…
media is also claiming that this whole controversie is planned for publicity of movie and book, both.

now, the million dollar question for marketer is whether it is working or not. this kind of publicity is good or not?

i think it is working.
ThinkTank said…
Three days back CB tweeted asking his followers not to react unnecessarily and that he was happy with the credit given to him.Also he attached a twitpic of the credit roll with his name on it.So,this means initially the guy was relaxed and didn't want to make it a big issue.
I totally agree with ur view about Mr.Vidhu Chopra.
So I guess the 3 idiots are:
1.Clearly Mr.Chopra
2.The public who started all this on Twitter but r nw being mute spectators."Aal izz well" at their end as they have a lovely movie to watch at the theater and some well spun stories on news channels.
3.The media - they just need a reason to blow things out of proportion.This provided enough fodder.
Reminds me of the article you had posted a long time back where ET ran a story, "Who is the most intelligent actor in bollywod?". To which you replied, "Is it an intelligent question".


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