Toyota rider recommends Public Transport

I had earlier recommended being wary about do-gooders saying its their good that matters more to them than anything else.

Here's a recent report on a do-gooder who recommends we use public transport while he takes spins in his Toyota Corolla. The man in question, TERI honcho Rajendra Pachauri, former railway engineer, is wealthy beyond belief. Oh, he's a preacher too. Who never practices.

He rides around in a Toyota Corolla leaving behind great carbon footprints, whilst we, according to him, are supposed to fall in love with public transport.

Though disgusting, I guess its still good advice.


Deepali Chandra said…
Ahh... must be inspired and influenced with politicians.... preach and say but never follow....But the topic of speech should be a burning one to get audience, whom they can en cash.

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