For Sade, its back to the top

I've been in love with Sade's voice since I can remember. 'Smooth Operator' left me with goose bumps. So did 'Your Love is King' and 'Sweetest Taboo'. The next one that hit home was 'By Your Side'. Since then I've been waiting. And now she's stormed back. With an album that's gone straight to the top of the U.S. album charts. It has also made its way up to No1 in Canada, France and Switzerland and No4 in the UK chart.

Sade, I believe has got one of the most unique voices in the music world. She sounds like smoke on water. And that's perfect foil to the mystery she is. Having exhibited a disdain for fame she went into a hiatus for ten long years. That normally should have erased her off her listeners' memory, yet it did just the opposite. Her comeback took her back to the top. Goes to show how much people, like me, were waiting for another listen to her voice.

Returns aren't easy. For artists as for brands. If an artist or a brand can make a comeback, that's admirable. But what if its a comeback and then a zoom to the top? Salute it! For what you witness is the result of cult like adoration. The making of a legend.

Welcome back, Sade. You were missed.


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