Three Years & Counting

Its now three years since I started on this Blog. I wouldn't have known if Prof. Asha hadn't pointed it out. Thank you to her.

Its mostly been fun writing. Its been fun knowing that everything that happens can be material for my blog.

Thank you to all who've visited. Hope I can keep at it.


Deepali Chandra said…
Congratulations...!! :)
Its always nice to read your blog. Nice to see how well you co-relate all the things happening around with consumer behavior,marketing, brand etc etc :)
Really you have got very nice brain blessed with the power of association and correlation in diversity.
Your writing style focuses on clarity of subject as well as very crisp in usage of words.
Keep all the good work up for us.
Wish you Good Luck :)
Sanjay Mahar said…
I started my blog on branding after reading your blog..
Congratulations and all the luck for future..

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