Wearing Cuba means Walking Cuba

There's something ethereal about wearing 'Cuba'. Suddenly its the streets of Havana, smoke filled and lit by the groovin', more than the lights. The bars are packed to hilt and dreamy women seem to glide by. The feeling's beyond magical.

How did I get there?

Before I explain, I gotta tell you about the power of brands to take you places. Brands bring with them an ability to prompt you to conjure up the unreal. They can transform your reality into fantasy. And consumers are more than willing partners to brands as the drudgery they face in everyday life begs an injection of fantasy. Brands that operate in a zone of the unreal do the conjuring act as there's nothing else that consumers can call for, while making judgements. For instance, what should I be judging the lip paint on? Its colour and tone or its ability to turn me into a diva?

Cuba's a perfume. The moment I wear it, I am traipsing the streets of Havana. Its smoke filled bars I see. Its music I hear and angels I witness. Now, that makes 'Cuba' more than a perfume. It makes it sheer magic! And I am hypnotised.

Reality check? I've run out of Cuba. Currently its me rummaging Alphy's closet to get me a perfume. I find Elizabeth Taylor's 'White Diamonds' tucked away at a corner. I sneak a squeeze.

Problem is, where do I go? :)


Deepali Chandra said…
The best place is to go and google. All the facts are just a click away. Glance those fact and see, which are the best fit with your mindset..! After all underlying forces are its fragrance, gender specification (Her), brand, specially the fantasy associated.
supriya said…
My guess is you will find yourself in the Egyptian sand Dunes, mesmerized by the enchanted Mummies :) (Courtesy: Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra)

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