Why grudge wealth?

NATO troops have once again taken casualties fighting the Taliban. Our prayers are with the troops. Our admiration too. I don't think there's another country as gutsy and noble as the United States of America. I don't care what certain people think, to me the Americans epitomise nobility. No one's done more for freedom and liberty than the Americans. That too by paying a heavy price. The life of its citizens. Of course there will be the liberals and socialists who think America is the greedy Yankee panting for a world order dominated by their likes. I couldn't disagree more. Me thinks the liberals and socialists neither have the gumption for a fight nor have what's called moral courage.

Just like the Americans, private businesses too are derided. As scamsters getting fat on their ill gotten wealth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the odd rotten apple, private businesses are wealth creators. So are they solution providers. It isn't easy doing what they do because it calls for heavy doses of courage to take business risks. There's never a guarantee that such risks will pay off. Yet private citizens around the world take that plunge so they can create create consumer solutions and in the process create wealth.

So what if they turn fat on their riches? They deserve it. Period. Just like the Americans deserve to enjoy prosperity and liberty. After all, both parties paid the necessary price to have what they have.

Therefore, why grudge it?


Yes, US is very generous and noble! They strategically targeted Afghanistan which is next to Iran (World's 4th largest reserves of Oil) and wants to establish hegemony there. Its plain Business and US is doing a great job in it. Perfect professionalism.

US has great strategy/technology/financial muscle in place to have an edge over other countries. But to construe it as a noble, magnanimous nation is far fetched!
Ray Titus said…

You are right...We should let the natives manage their own oil, that way they'd be better off....

Oh wait, despite how lovely it sounds, is that the way it really is?

Check Venezuela with lots of oil and Chavez out...

In fact, though oil prices have skyrocketed in recent years, and the poverty rate has declined in Venezuela, the economy there is in deep trouble:

[T]he percentage of those living without running water and living in inadequate housing, as well as the number of young children not attending school, has scarcely budged in the last 10 years. The percentage of babies born with low birth weights actually rose from 1999 to 2006. And this is according to government statistics. It is early, but these numbers may mean that the missions are mainly helping through the stipends. (End)

KST, I'd recommend you read this lurid stuff pretty carefully (link below)...

I came across the following article about the NATO troops in Afghanistan.


Hofstede cultural domensions indicate that the Gulf region, South Asia have high power distance scores. These regions are radically different from the Western societies.

Hence, if US believes that it can rule other countries better than the natives, it should use soft skills, coercive power to make the natives understand. Resorting to war alienates the US as the native people feel its an intrusion, insult on their sovereignty.

The Vietnam war was a costly mistake for US forces.

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